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The United Kingdom Belize Association (UKBA) aims to act as a focus for people in the British Isles who are working or interested in Belize. In conjunction with the Belize High Commission, this is principally channelled through annual meetings, where the results of research activities and visits or projects covering a wide range of topics and interests are presented. These informal meetings have traditionally been held in either London or Edinburgh but can be organised at any appropriate location.

A further objective is to stimulate and encourage activities that benefit Belize and help to raise its profile within the UK and internationally.


Annual Meeting 2016, University of Edinburgh - celebrating 50 years of expeditions to Belize

24th Annual Meeting, Friday 3rd December 2021, University of Oxford and online

About this event

This year's meeting highlights the outcomes from Belize's negotiators at the COP26 Climate Summit in Glasgow, a feature on Belize's newest protected area for biodiversity, evidence of the natural decay of Maya sites such as Lamanai, and initiatives across the border in Guatemala to extend one of Belize's neighbouring protected areas. We finish with our invited author - who this year is the BBC's Latin American correspondent Will Grant, talking about his new book Populista! about Central America's recent wave of populist leaders - and his wider thoughts about Belize's relationships with such leaders.

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