Welcome to the UK Belize Association

The United Kingdom Belize Association (UKBA) aims to act as a focus for people in the British Isles who are working or interested in Belize. In conjunction with the Belize High Commission, this is principally channelled through annual meetings, where the results of research activities and visits or projects covering a wide range of topics and interests are presented. These informal meetings have traditionally been held in either London or Edinburgh but can be organised at any appropriate location.

A further objective is to stimulate and encourage activities that benefit Belize and help to raise its profile within the UK and internationally.


Annual Meeting 2016, University of Edinburgh - celebrating 50 years of expeditions to Belize 





22nd Annual Meeting Saturday 5th October 2019, Edinburgh Centre for Carbon Innovation (ECCI)

The 22nd Annual Meeting of the United Kingdom - Belize Association will take place at the Centre for Sustainable Forests & Landscapes, Edinburgh Centre for Carbon Innovation (ECCI) on
Saturday 5th October, 2019.

We have an interesting and varied Programme; with sessions this year encompassing politics, economics, ecosystem biodiversity and management, forestry and conservation - providing a well-rounded synopsis of recent work and contemporary issues that will provide an excellent introduction to Belize for all members, including new members attending from the Centre for Sustainable Forestry at Edinburgh, our sponsors this year.

If you have yet to register, *please do so now (by Monday 30th at latest)* using the Eventbrite link below, so we will have adequate catering for you.


I am looking forward to seeing everyone on the 5th!

Registration is FREE thanks to our sponsors at CSFL.
Neil Stuart
President, UKBA