Speaker Presentations

22nd Annual Meeting, Saturday 5th October 2019, Centre for Sustainable Forests & Landscapes Edinburgh Centre for Carbon Innovation

Welcome by Dr Jaboury Ghazoul, Director, Centre for Sustainable Forests & Landscapes

Belize – an overview of the present economic and political situation – Mrs Amaris Leal, First Secretary to the Belize High Commission

Trade for Sustainable Development – Belize’s new National Trade Policy – Berisford Codd, Trade Economist, Ministry of Investment, Trade and Commerce, Government of Belize

Developing community businesses in Belize as a strategy to tackle poverty and protect biodiversity – Duncan Macqueen, Forest Team Leader, International Institute for Environment & Development, Edinburgh

Belize’s National Herbarium– further development of an important national resource —Dr Zoë Goodwin, Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh and Denver Cayetano, Environmental Research Institute, University of Belize (and University of Gottingen)

Bioquality hotspots in the flora of Belize – Dr Gail Stott, Royal Botanic Gardens Edinburgh

Outcomes of the Darwin Savanna Fire management project in Southern Belize 2015-18 – Drs Neil Stuart, Cathy Smith and Duncan Moss, University of Edinburgh

Do we need more Technology and less Taxonomy in Conservation? – Christopher Minty MBE, MAYA 2020 project

The Chiquibul Forest Reserve – Live update from Belize’s frontline of forest conservation–Rafael Manzanero, Head Ranger, Friends for Conservation and Development. Belize

The potential of the Forests 2020 programme to Belize – Sarah Middlemiss, ECOMETRICA

Film: The Woodcutters of Belize
A short documentary film about the Belizean foresters who migrated to the UK during and after the Second World War to support UK Forestry Operation

21st Annual Meeting, Saturday 6th October 2018, Institute of the Americas in London

The Belize Settlement – Colonial Expansion of Territory or a Foothold to Threaten Spain’s Colonial Markets in Central America? – David Gomez, University College London
The Caste Wars and their effects on Belize – Barbara Bulmer-Thomas, London
Belize and the Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh: Reflecting on 16 years of collaborative research —Zoë Goodwin, Royal Botanic Gardens Kew
The Trees of Belize project. – Steven Brewer – independent researcher affiliated with Wild Earth Allies and the University of Belize Environmental Research Institute
Outcomes of the Darwin Savanna Fire project 2015-18 – Neil Stuart and Cathy Smith, University of Edinburgh
Empowering communities for environmental stewardship in Toledo District through the TIDE Community Researcher Program.– James Lord, Former Development Director, Toledo Institute for Development & Environment
A Rangers’ perspective of Conservation in the Chiquibul –Marco Diaz, Friends for Conservation and DevelopmentReflections on the personal impact of Wick High School’s Expedition to Belize in 2013 – by former students Josey Donachie, Ryan Gow and John Coghill