23rd Annual Meeting (Online) Friday 30th October 2020

The 23rd Annual Meeting of the UK Belize Association will take place on Friday 30th October 2020.

About the Event

This year, by going online we also invite colleagues from Belize and the US to join us for a shorter event consisting of:

(1) Keynote lecture, by Mike Jay “Colonel Despard, the first Superintendent of British Honduras” from his biography of Despard, consulted by the BBC in the latest TV series of Poldark

(2) Panel Discussion: “The Economy of Belize: present challenges and ways forward”. with expert panelists including Victor Bulmer-Thomas (Emeritus Professor of Economics, London University), Will Grant, (the BBC’s central American Correspondent), Ydahlia Metzgen (Belize Bank) and Valerie Woods (former Director of Belize Tourism Board).  Chaired by Dr David Howard, Oxford University.

(3) A celebration of the life of Professor Peter Furley, founder of our Association, who sadly died on 31 January this year. Led by our President Dr Neil Stuart, with your spoken contributions invited on the day.  Please contribute your written memories, photos etc, in advance of the meeting by using this link.

Remember to add your name to your post if you choose not to sign in, unless you do wish to remain anonymous:

This will be followed by a very short AGM of the UK- Belize Association, at which any offers to help contribute to the Association and our future events will be gratefully accepted!