Past Meetings

1st April 1993 National Museum of Scotland, Edinburgh                           

2nd September 1995 Royal Botanic garden, Edinburgh                              

3rd November 1997 Natural History Museum, London                              

4th September 2000 Royal Botanic Garden, Edinburgh                              

5th September 2001 Warwick University                                                     

6th September 2002 London University                                                       

7th September 2003 University of Edinburgh                                               

8th September 2004 Natural History Museum, London                               

9th September 2005 London University                                                        

10th September 2006 Royal Botanic Garden, Edinburgh                           

11th September 2008 University of Edinburgh                                             

12th November 2009 Royal Botanic Garden, Edinburgh                           

13th October 2010 University of Oxford (1)

13th October 2010 University of Oxford (2)                                           

14th September 2011 London University                                                      

15th September 2012 Royal Botanic garden, Edinburgh                           

16th October 2013 London University

2013 Conference – click here for the programme.

2014 Conference – Saturday 14th November, Edinburgh


2015 Conference, Saturday 3rd October, London

Programme 18th Britain-Belize Meeting

Speaker Notes

Neil Stuart: Conserving pine woodland biodiversity in Belize through community fire management

Barbara Bulmer-Thomas Belize slave-owners and the University College London slavery database


Gail Stott: Accelerating the discovery of high conservation value areas: A bioquality hotspot map for the Maya Golden Landscape.


Sarah Donoghue: The future of the Lowland Belizean Savannas?